Rothschild 10, TLV

Preservation Anchors for Building Reinforcement

  • Client: Tidhar Construction Ltd
  • Preservation Engineer: Yuval Echbert

The process included the precise surveying and detailed planning of the drilling route in order to enable drilling along the entire building perimeter – up to 16m in length for a single continuous drill along a wall no wider than 30cm! A type 316 stainless steel rod was then inserted in the drilled space, wrapped along its entire length in a specially designed sock anchor. This was fitted with small pipes for the injection of a special grout. Each anchor was injected with grout in a controlled manner to ensure the complete filling of the drilled space and achieve the best possible anchoring of the rod to the building structure, whilst preventing grout leakage from the sock. The total length of preservation anchors used in this project was approx. 235m.

The Rothschild 10 project, constructed by the Tidhar company, is a complex project combining a modern multi-story tower with the preservation, strengthening, and support of six preserved buildings, which were amongst the first buildings in Tel Aviv. In order to excavate the parking levels, new supports were created for the six historical buildings through the construction of new piles, the detachment of the buildings from their original foundations, and the transfer of their structural load onto the new foundations. Herod Engineering Solutions carried out the preliminary strengthening of the buildings by installing hidden sock anchors in their walls.