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Yeruham Lake Dam

Test Drilling

Tower of David


Herod Engineering Solutions Ltd. specializes in structural construction works in complex sites that call for creative solutions at the planning and construction stages.
The company provides consultation and planning services, matching the ideal design team to the type of work required. We use cutting-edge construction technology to ensure the progress of each project in a calculated and professional manner, examining the highest quality and most feasible alternatives for each project.

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Herod Engineering Solutions Ltd. specializes in tunnelling, constructing complex steel structures, foundations, ground anchors, reinforcement anchors for historical buildings, and drilling for samples of bedrock and concrete.

Our team has extensive experience in construction work within sensitive historical contexts using a range of advanced materials and technologies accredited for use on archaeological sites and preserved buildings.

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We are in continuous contact with the world’s leading companies in the fields of raw materials, machinery and anchor technology, in order to find the engineering solution that will best fit our clients’ needs. Our company is an exclusive supplier and contractor of a number of specialized technologies, including “Desoi Pile” piling for the preservation and rehabilitation of historical buildings and structures, “Chemical Jet” injections for the stabilization of subsiding buildings and foundations, and polygonal basalt fiber rods for use in archeological sites.

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