Complex Test Drilling

Givati Parking Lot, Gilo Tunnel

  • Herod Engineering Solutions specializes in drilling for core samples in exceptionally complex sites. The company was recently involved in the advancement of projects of national significance in the Jerusalem area:

  • As part of a project to improve accessibility to the Western Wall and the Old City, a cable car station is currently being planned in the former Givati Parking Lot adjacent to Dung Gate in the Old City.  In order to achieve the optimal design of the station foundations, and with the requirement to minimize damage caused to this important archeological site, we were asked to conduct drilling for core samples, ground examinations and laboratory tests to a depth of up to 60m, and all this with no possibility of bringing in mechanic drilling equipment. The drilling was carried out with specialist equipment adapted for this purpose by the company’s experts. All the equipment for the drilling and sample extraction was maneuvered manually between the drilling points to prevent damage to the ancient structures that have been excavated on the site.

  • Another core sample drilling project was performed as part of the Road 60 widening project in the vicinity of the Gilo tunnels. The Solel Boneh construction company is excavating an additional tunnel and constructing a new bridge in order to double the road’s traffic capacity. Our company performed vertical and horizontal drilling samples to a depth of up to 30m from within the existing tunnel into the route of the planned tunnel. The drilling was done with specialized compact equipment using a minimal amount of water to prevent any disruption to traffic (except for drilling done in the traffic lane itself).